Belgian Hybrid Mums:

Belgian Hybrid Mums are the most common mums stocked for fall decoration in our area. They now are available in an array of colors. Mums are sold in the fall of the year normally and flower until our first frost, normally around the 3rd week of October. They can last longer if they are brought inside or covered during the frost. These Mums are sometimes planted in the ground and, depending on the winter, and the plant, can come back the next year. They are usually not very long lived, so having them come back more than one year is very uncommon.

  • Bring inside on nights when frost is forecasted.
  • Deadhead to promote blooming.

Mums require adequate water, but do not like to dry out or be too wet, like most plants. So monitor the watering twice daily for the best results. Depending on the size of the plant and the size of the container, they can dry out somewhat quickly.

Southbranch Nursery purchases 100% of our mums from local growers.